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    A Brief History of The Pekingese

    The Pekingese, also known as the “Lion Dog,” has a rich and storied history that dates back to ancient China. These small but mighty dogs were bred specifically to be the companions of the Chinese imperial family and were considered…

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    Pekingese Wizards

    These adorable Pekingese Wizards were created with AI tools by Digital Palace Art. You can visit their website and find them on Instagram!

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    The Surprising Connection Between Pekingese and Wolves

    Other than having four paws and furry coats, most people wouldn’t guess that Pekingese have much to do with wolves. However, a scientific study of dog DNA yielded some interesting and unexpected results. One such discovery caught researchers off guard…

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    AI Generated Pekingese Dogs in Top Hats

    The first images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) were little more than rudimentary drawings that barely resembled the subject it was asked to produce. But as AI has gotten smarter, faster, and more accessible, its ability to create amazing and…

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    The Legend of The Pekingese

    According to ancient legend, thousands of years ago, a great lion fell in love with a tiny marmoset. But because of the lion’s great size and the marmoset’s tiny stature, they could not be together. He was simply much too…